It's available the version 1.11 of RasTimer. Download it now!

What is RasTimer

RasTimer is a tiny program for Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT4/2000 allowing you to keep an eye on the time spent by connections via Dial-Up Networking (DUN).

RasTimer appears as an icon next to the system clock in the taskbar.

Task Bar Icon

As soon as you establish a Dial-Up Networking connection, the program starts counting the time.

You can retrieve the length of your current connection by keeping the pointer over the program’s symbol for some seconds. Otherwise, by clicking on the program’s symbol on the task bar, you can show the main window of RasTimer.

Main Window

As soon as you end all connections, the program stops counting.

By double-clicking the program’s icon on the taskbar, you can show a detailed History of your connections and examine, with an explorer-like system, the time spent on-line by months, weeks or days.

If you press the right mouse button over the taskbar icon or the main window, a popup menu will appear allowing you to configure the behavior of RasTimer.

You can export or print a report of the connections.

It's also possible to delete connections, days or months that you no longer need.

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